Perple_X 07 (Perfe_X?)




This page describes an out-of-date version, the current version is described at perplex_66.html.


What's different about Perple_X 07?

Making Perple_X 07 Function as Earlier Versions

Downloading the programs

What's different about Perple_X 07?


From December 2006 through February 2008 a beta version of Perple_X 07 was available as an alternative to the ostensibly stable version of Perple_X 06. As of March 2008 Perple_X 07 is the default version of Perple_X. An unfortunate consequence of the change in versions is that most of the examples and tutorials referred to at the documentation page are out of date. The out-of-date examples and tutorials are, in most cases, useful because the basic information passed between the various programs has not changed although many of the prompts have been eliminated or reordered.


The major changes introduced in the 07 version are:

Making Perple_X 07 Function as Earlier Versions


Perple_X 07 is vastly superior to Perple_X 06 (with the exception that with the default settings specified in perplex_option.dat the program may not resolve solvii well). Despite this superiority some users prefer the earlier version. Perple_X 07 can be made to function essentially as previous versions by suppressing auto_refine, adaptive optimization and global solution model resolution settings. To suppress these features specify the following keywords in perplex_option.dat as:

initial_resolution 0.0

hard_limits        on

iteration          0 1 1

auto_refine        off

With these settings Perple_X 07 can read solution model files used in earlier versions (with the exception that it cannot read microscopic formulation models).

Copying Perple_X 07


The Perple_X programs and data files can be downloaded via the links provided below. Archives provided by a third party include the version date (mmm_dd_yy) in the archive name, comparison of this date with the Perple X update log indicates issues that may arise with the out-of-date programs.


On July 16, 2011 Perple_X 07 was replaced by Perple_X 6.6.6. Old versions of Perple_X 07 can be copied from