Apparent Gibbs Energy Conventions

HSC/SUPCRT Convention Conversion

Programs for Importing Data

Commonly used thermodynamic data files

Comment, numerical data, and keyword format

Header section


Standard Variables




Special components

Make definitions


Data entries

name and EoS keyword

molar composition

Standard formulation (EoS 1-4, 7-10, 13)

Integration constants G0, S0, V0

Heat capacity function, coefficients c1-c7

Volumetric function, coefficients b1-b8

V(P,T): EoS 1

V(P,T): EoS 7

T-dependent volumetric functions: EoS 2, 4

T-dependent volumetric functions: EoS 3

T-dependent volumetric functions and V(P,T): EoS 13

V(P,T), Murnaghan and Birch-Murnaghan: EoS 2-4

V(P,T), Tait: EoS 8, 9

V(P,T), Ideal gas: EoS 10

Shear modulus, coefficients m1-m3

Bulk modulus, coefficients k0-k2

Mie-Gruneisen formulation for solids (EoS 5-6)

Mie-Gruneisen formulation for liquids (EoS 11)

Explicit thermal disorder, coefficients d1-d9

Lambda and Mock-Lambda Transitions, coefficients t1-t10

UBC form

Standard form

Helgeson form

Landau form

Bragg-Williams form

Brosh/CALPHAD formulation (EoS 12)

Aqueous Species Anderson formulation (EoS 15)

Aqueous Species HKF formulation (EoS 16)

Special EoS (EoS > 100)




Figure 1. Thermodynamic data file header section

Figure 2. Thermodynamic data entry