PERPLEXIFY is a graphical user interface for PERPLE_X being developed by Boris Kaus. Currently PERPLEXIFY has most of the functionality of the BUILD program.


- PC with Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0,  Windows ME or Windows 98.

- Screen resolution of at least 1024x768 pixels.


The current version of PERPLEXIFY seems to have problems running on Windows XP. We are currently trying to fix the problem. If your version works on XP, please report it to us.

The stand-alone version of PERPLEXIFY has problems on some machines. If you get an error-message similar to: 'The ordinal ### could not be located in the dynamic-link library dforrt.dll', you should follow the instructions in the Installation Guide included with PERPLEXIFY. If the problem is still not solved, send an mail to Boris Kaus describing the exact error message, your operating system and CPU. If the Installation Guide instructions solve the problem, please inform Boris.

PERPLEXIFY is not as tolerant of comments in the solution model and thermodynamic data files as other PERPLE_X programs. Consequently PERPLEXIFY may crash if you use data files from the standard version of PERPLE_X. This problem can be circumvented by editing the files to eliminate the offending comments (if you can identify them).

By default PERPLEXIFY sets a flag that instructs VERTEX to print dependent potentials, to prevent VERTEX from printing this information you must activate the "Print Dependent Potentials" option in the GENERAL OPTIONS section of PERPLEXIFY.


The current release is version 1.01 Beta. We are still in the Beta testing phase and would be grateful if you help us to identify and eliminate bugs. Please mail any bugs or questions to James Connolly or Boris Kaus.


The following files can be downloaded:

A Postscript-viewer is necessary to visualize the plots (e.g. Ghostview). If you do not have such a viewer installed on your machine you should download and install Ghostview before installing PERPLEXIFY.


Boris Kaus
H36, Geologisches Institut
ETH-Zentrum, Sonneggstrasse 5
CH-8092, Zürich, Switzerland

Phone: 41-1-632-3698

Feb 28, 2002.

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