Old Perple_X Graphical User Interfaces

The Perplith and Perplexify interfaces do not function with post 2006 versions of Perple_X.

This page provides links to two graphical user interfaces for the Perple_X programs developed by Boris Kaus. The Perplexify interface was an attempt to completely replace the Perple_X program BUILD and to integrate several additional programs for the computation and analysis of phase diagrams and phase diagram sections. Perplexify cannot be used with the latest version of Perple_X solution models and I would not recommend its use except for simple problems that do not involve mineral solutions. The second interface, PerpLith, is an interface specifically designed to calculate pressure-temperature phase diagrams sections (i.e., pressure-temperature pseudosections) and to extract bulk physical properties such as density, enthalpy, and seismic velocities. The PerpLith interface looks to be a simple and useful solution for a large class of petrologic/geodynamic phase diagram problems.